About Us

Margy Mullen is the President and founder of “ARM – Arm America Today.”

I have been an NRA Instructor since 1989 and an avid shooter for a long-long time.

I am so sincerely grateful that we Americans have The Right to Bear Arm’s. I have always wanted to help responsible Americans feel confident and safe with guns. The Second Amendment wasn’t put there by accident. When we talk about The Right to Bear Arms, we’re not talking about duck hunting; we’re talking about personal protection and the protection of our beloved America and our people against all enemies foreign and domestic. Our Founding Father’s having just expelled the British knew that the right to bear arms was the guardian of every other right!

We American’s are born with Freedom and the essence of Our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights in our DNA. We have to teach each generation that protecting our Second Amendment is the most important thing we can do to secure our Freedom for all time.

I met Jeremy VanSchoonhoven in 2012. When I first saw him shooting I knew he was something special! Not long after that I offered to sponsor him to become an NRA Instructor because I really felt like “he was just the perfect guy to reach the young people in America and we have got to educate them on the vital importance of The Second Amendment”; He’s so sincere and as honest as the day is long! Gosh, Jeremy is such a nice guy and so focused and accomplished that I thought he’d be an inspiration to young and old alike, our country needs more young people like him and he’s got a big passion for helping people learn to be safe with guns.

I realized he would be perfect for this on line gun class that I’d been thinking about for a long time. Everyone in America has the Right to learn about gun safety and now with the internet EVERYONE can, a lot of people just can’t get to a live class so we’ve made this feel like you are right there with us. Gun safety and how to shoot correctly isn’t just for a ‘few’ it is for everyone in our nation; the most import thing is that this information could one day save your life that’s the bottom line!



Jeremy VanSchoonhoven – NRA Pistol instructor


I have been competitive my whole life and done extremely well. I started off riding bikes and won 5 National championships the north American championship and placed In the top 10 in the world.
I also competed in the reality TV show America’s got talent and was a finalist

I grew up shooting but never took it very serious till I was 17 or 18 and I started getting into long rage shooting and decided I needed to start reloading and figuring things out I did not compete but loved to shoot tiny targets at 400 to 950 yards.
I remember the first time I shot a US quarter at 537 yards cold bore first try. Was the start of a good day of shooting!
Anyway a friend told me about this competition called 3 gun where you shoot rifle shotgun and pistol. It sounded awesome but I was a horrible shot with a pistol so I decided before 3 gun I needed to learn the pistol and compete with that first.  Coming from a sports background I knew I needed to seek advice from someone who really knows what they are doing so my first call was to Brian Enos one of the best shooters in the world in the 80s

Brian set me on the correct path and I took 7th in my first match and a month later took 2nd in the next match.
I’ve sense won several practical pistol competitions and went on to compete in 3 gun and have won several titles there.
I decided to get my NRA pistol instructors certification and start helping people learn how to correctly handle firearms and enjoy the shooting sports and have the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.

NRA Pistol instructor
3 Gun competitor
ACTION pistol competitor